I'm a User experience and Interface Designer with a background in Graphic Design & Brand Identity.
Over the last decade, I've been building user interfaces and designing user experiences for many tech products as much as web platforms as mobile applications.

As part of the product team, my mission is to help the companies to improve their products through the user experience. I am known for my skills to enhance the product with the most unique and meaningful Interfaces, giving users both a seamless experience and better access to the product. 

"Ingrid is a highly talented and passionate UI designer that just “get's it in a second”.Her communication skills and empathic approach allow her to understand what are the real user needs and type of solution required from the early beginning. These type of skills represent a truly fast­track for companies that require finding quick winning solutions."
Jose Luis, Founder and Chief Information Officer at Caravelo
"Ingrid is a talented UI and Web designer that just "gets it" and I would have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone. She is creative, a good problem solver works fast and pixel-perfect... a combination very difficult to find."
Bob Samii, Founder at SharpLaunch & inMotion Real Estate Media
"A very creative person, of those designers difficult to find, that always amazes the quality of her job. very passionate, always on the latest trends and styles, Ingrid applies the best of conventional design to digital format. Giving value in all the product, and she knows perfectly the operation and possibilities of social media. Able to develop a project from concept to implementation and management. The visual intuition can be learned over time, but the innate talent as Ingrid you have or not."
Maria Perez, Co-Founder at Glassful / Principal Product Manager at adobe Fonts